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Zestful is an employee rewards system that empowers teams daily through automated monthly Allowances, spot Rewards, meal plans, wellness and education stipends, and more.

Personalize your perfect perk stack with recurring or one-time Allowances, Rewards, and Peer to Peer balances. Combine that with the products & services your team actually wants and watch the company culture magic unfold.

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We’ve reimagined employee perks from the ground up to create a solution that’s equally powerful and easy to use.

Give your teams a monthly or yearly balance to use on anything within the Zestful catalog. Easy peezy.
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Fitness & health

Re-center with a meditation app, find your zen at yoga, or sweat it out on your Peloton.

Customize your employee wellness program to include hundreds of eligible merchants, not just that one gym down the street.
on Fitness & Health

Charity & giving

Empower your employees to support the causes they care about. Browse our charity catalog here.
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Your employees are your greatest asset, and education is the gift that keeps on giving. Win-win.

Increase employee brainpower by encouraging teams to enroll in continuing education courses, learn a new language, or attend industry meetups.
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Meal plans

No more complicated group orders, passing around the corporate card, or waiting for reimbursements.

Personalize your meal plan to include specific restaurants and coffee shops—or not. Zestful is completely customizable.
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