Employee Experience and Culture Manager

How 15Five extended their office culture to remote employees using Zestful’s international perk programs

15Five is a performance management and feedback software geared toward cultivating high-performing cultures. With 150 employees all over the world, they needed a solution to expand their in-office culture to those outside of their San Francisco headquarters.


Employees were remote and worked across different countries and keeping people connected was difficult.


Use Zestful to provide each employee with the resources they need to pursue wellness and personal passions, wherever they are.


Employee engagement has consistenly exceeded 90% and managers can now ensure perks are being used.
The work experience should support the rest of your life outside of work. We felt it was important to offer a program that lets people choose their own benefits that will add the most personal value for them.”–Sydney Ly, Employee Experience and Culture Manager, 15Five

15Five is a performance management and feedback software geared toward cultivating high-performing company cultures. With 150 employees across the world, they needed a one-stop-shop perk program solution that enabled them to expand their culture to those located both in and outside of their San Francisco headquarters.

Before finding a solution in Zestful, 15Five already offered wellness and education stipends for their team, but reimbursements were a pain. “We realized that many of our employees weren't even aware of this benefit, and were unclear about what it could be used for,” Sydney said. “So, we wanted to offer an easy to manage solution to give our team members the resources they needed to live out two of our core values: Always be learning and growing, and cultivating health and vitality.

Since many of the products and services in Zestful are available internationally, 15Five found a robust solution in Zestful for both their U.S. workforce and their employees around the world. With monthly balances for wellness, learning, and development, their team feels more connected than ever with their in-common, employee-focused perk program.

"Zestful works exactly the way we want our benefits program to work. It’s easily the most used offering at 15Five, and has been such a great addition to our company culture by giving us a platform to take care of our people in a meaningful way."
Employee Experience and Culture Manager
Key metrics
15Five has scaled from 80 from 170 employees since onboarding Zestful
Employees in six different countries are utilizing Zestful daily

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