Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Zestful?

Zestful is the ultimate employee perk card. It looks and works just like a pre-loaded debit card, BUT it will only work on the products within our Zestful Catalog, and only up to the monthly allowance that you set (e.g. $50/month). As an admin you can track all transactions in real-time, making it easy for accounting and reporting.

What size company do we need to be to use Zestful?

We have teams in the thousands, as well as teams under ten. Zestful is the perfect perk solution for companies of any size.

How much does Zestful cost?

Zestful charges $5/card/month (with a one-time $5 card activation). We will also collect the potential allowance that your team will use in advance (think of Zestful as a super-powered preloaded debit card).

Why does Zestful collect the allowances in advance?

Think of Zestful as a pre-loaded debit card with super powers. In order for your employees to use their cards there needs to be a preloaded balance. We collect the total potential allowance each team member could spend, and re-load the balance back up to your allowance amount each month. For example, if a team member spends $20 of their $50 monthly allowance, we will only collect $20 to reload their balance back to $50 for the next month.

What are the tax implications of Zestful?

Unfortunately we can't give any specific tax advice, however, for the majority of companies this perk should be treated like income to the employee and employer (just like any taxable fringe benefits). The reason for using Zestful shouldn't be to save on taxes, but because your employees prefer this over a higher salary.

What happens if employees use their cards on products not in Zestful?

If an employee tries to use their cards on a product or service that isn't included in the Zestful Catalog the transaction will decline. The transaction will also decline if they try and spend over the monthly allowance amount given.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope! You can cancel Zestful at any time, and any remaining allowance will be sent back to your bank account.

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