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December 3, 2019
Kate Marshall

15 unique merchants to support your family-oriented culture

When we say Zestful has something for everyone, it’s not something we take lightly. We work hard to make sure our catalog makes it easy for companies of any size to create the perfect perk and reward program, and that includes having perks fit for a family-oriented culture.

Supporting your team members with family and kid-friendly perks gives employees the ultimate freedom to use their perks however they want. (After all, that's the goal.)

Through thoughtfully selecting merchants, along with catalog addition requests that come in daily from our users, we’ve found some pretty awesome products that maybe your employees haven’t even thought of—let alone realized they needed.

Here are a few of our favorite unique and convenient family and kid-friendly options in the Zestful catalog.


Everyone loves a win-win, and by using your monthly allowance on a subscription that gives back, you get just that. ABBY&FINN is a thoughtful subscription service for diapers and wipes that grows with your baby. For each subscription box purchased ABBY&FINN donates 30 diapers to a family in need.

  1. Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom is an online fitness subscription for pre and postnatal fitness. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you get workouts, recipes, nutrition expertise, and meditation classes that support and empower growing bodies. You can also give the subscription as a gift.  

  1. The Scholastic Store 📚

Remember when the best day of the year in elementary was Scholastic book fair day? Well, you can use your Zestful Perks card to recreate book fair day feelings all the time. At Scholastic, you can buy books for fun or education for kids of any age.  

  1. Disney Plus 

You know that thing everyone on Twitter is talking about? (Don’t knock it until you try it, it’s actually pretty cool.) Disney Plus is a streaming service for all things, well, Disney. Use your Zestful perks toward a monthly service that has all your kids’* favorite shows and movies in one place. 

*aka your favorite shows and movies, but don't worry, we won’t tell anyone. 😎

  1. Get Air

Get Air is a trampoline park with multiple locations across the U.S. and Canada with a ton of activities for kids of all ages. Might we even suggest hosting a company party—kids included—to add a little something extra to your family-oriented culture?

  1. Sitter City 

If you’re a parent, every once and a while, you need a night out on the town. And as an employer, you can support your family-oriented culture by suggesting employees to use their Zestful card to find trustworthy childcare using Sitter City. (If you work remotely, you can even find a sitter for a mid-day break.)

Each babysitter or nanny goes through a rigorous screening process so Sitter City can guarantee their qualifications for care. Parents subscribed to Sitter city get access to regularly scheduled sitters or last-minute babysitting services.

  1. Code Ninjas

In the next few years, kids loving coding will be just as common as kids loving ice cream. (Well, maybe not, but one can dream.)

Code Ninjas teaches kids how to code through an engaging game-based curriculum. With centers across the U.S. and teaching hours at various times, Code Ninjas will fit perfectly into your schedule. AND they teach kids teamwork, math skills, and problem-solving skills. 🤯

  1. Bump Boxes  🤰

A monthly subscription service that supports pregnancy from the initial announcement through a parent’s postpartum journey, Bump Boxes sends products that are tailored to your due date or your baby’s age. From comfortable leggings to chemical-free lotions, Bump Boxes send items that make pregnancy a little more comfortable. 

  1. KidPass 

KidPass is a monthly membership that helps parents discover fun activities for kids in their city. Parents can embrace their company's family-oriented culture by finding one-off events like cooking classes, open play, gymnastics, read-a-longs, or even all-weekend activities to entertain kids from Friday night to Sunday evening. 

You can use this pass in most major cities, so if you’re on vacation and at a loss for an activity that the kids will enjoy, KidPass can help! 

  1. Honest Company 

Honest Company carefully chooses ingredients and materials for its products that are chemical-free and safe for families—including the little ones. They have diapers, wipes, bath & body products, and even home cleaning products that are made with all-natural ingredients. 

(Their Truly Calming Lavender Face and Body Lotion is a top-notch product. It’s for kids, but I am an adult, and I use it daily. PS–Not #sponsored.)

  1. Camp Sidekick

Camp Sidekick helps families find an ideal camp that fits you and your children’s needs. Let’s say you have to work until 5:00, but you can only find summer camps that require pick-up at 3:30, Camp Sidekick helps you find summer camps that fit your schedule. Plus, they regularly update their schedules and add camps for school breaks and random days off. 

  1. Owlet 

New parents can rest easy with Owlet. Owlet created the first baby monitor ever to track a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming video and audio to your phone. Owlet also created a program called Dream Lab to help both newborn babies and their families get a full night’s sleep.  

Looks like Owlet helps parents establish something we like to call baby-life balance. 😏

  1. Fat Brain Toys 

If you want a selection of truly unique mind-expanding toys, Fat Brain Toys have you covered. Their mission is to entertain and educate with each toy they sell so your kids not only get an awesome toy, but they get to explore the perimeters of their brain as well. 

Basically, what we’re saying is, with all these cool educational perks your kids will be stealing our jobs very soon. 🤷‍♀️

  1. Amazon Freetime 

Amazon Freetime is another great streaming service for kids ages three to twelve. Kids get access to movies, T.V. shows, books, educational apps, and games. As a FreeTime Unlimited customer, kids can enjoy all this and more across all of your compatible devices. (tablet, FireTV, etc.)

  1. Baby2Body 

Baby2Body is an in-app program that keeps mothers healthy throughout their pregnancy. The app is full of workouts, guided meditations, recipes, and skincare & fashion tips. With all of the choices in apps today that are catered to pregnant women, Baby2Body is one of our favorites because it keeps all the milestones in one place.

So, rather than downloading 40 apps that show which fruit your baby is the size of (which is quite valuable knowledge, of course,) you can use Baby2Body for milestones and pregnancy wellness as well.

As a company with a family-oriented culture, the team at Zestful really cares about making sure your diverse perks cater to employees who are parents along with their kids.

Along with those highlighted above, we have tons more in our catalog, like Chuck E Cheese, Disney Parks, and Burts Bees Babies, to name a few. We try to cover everything from the beginning stages of pregnancy, to expanding learning outside of a school curriculum, to getting teens out of the house on a rainy day.

We look forward to adding more family and kids products and services as our catalog continues to expand. Have a suggestion for an addition? Make a request here.

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